Solar Shades


Go Green with Energy Efficient Solar Shades!

Shutterworks and Blinds is proud to supply (ENTER BRAND NAME HERE) Solar Shades.

(ENTER BRAND NAME HERE) Solar Shades bring the design, function, and high-quality shades you have been looking for all while being energy effect!

Did you know an ordinary window lets 82% of solar energy pass through?

Solar Shades are offered in a variety of degrees of openness. The greater the openness, the greater the view. However, our energy efficient solar shades mesh fabrics effectively block solar radiation before it reaches the inside room letting as little as 12% of solar energy through. Luckily you can choose from a range of these fabrics with openness factors from 1% to 29%! By using Solar Shades you can help damaging UV rays from entering your spaces and also enjoy a more climate controlled environment.

Not only are you being protected from the sun through your windows, but Solar Shades have been proven to reduce the temperature in rooms saving on your heating and cooling bills all while maintaining a stylish look & feel.

Are you wondering if Solar Shades will work in your office, home, or church spaces? The Shutterworks and Blinds design experts are here to help! Just contact us today to schedule your free in-space consultation.

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